Note: this version is a beta test. Release date of the full version is April 2011. 

1. Download this zip file to your computer

2. Extract its content into a temporary folder maintaining the folder structure in the zip (using extract command or Windows Explorer) 

3. Double click install_sound_analysis_pro_2011.exe

4. Install mySQL 5.1 (64 or 32 bits) according to the following instructions: 


once your reach the server instance configuration choose service name mySQL51 is shown below



and (VERY important), in the following screen check "create anonymous account" and create a password you can remember:


Then say your prayers with strong conviction while waiting for the mySQL service to start ;-) it might require a few tries and antiviruses and certain security settings might make it tricky. Let me know if you encounter difficulties. 


5. Running steps 2-3 should usually work okay

6. Running step 4 might give you an error in installing the ActivX service of the recorder if you do not have an administrator privileges of due to Windows settings. If that happens, do this:

a. Open command prompt as an administrator (right click and choose run as admin)

b. Navigate to c:\windows\

c. type: regsvr32 ztbirdcontrolpack.ocx


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.