Mentors & foundation:

  PhD mentors Ilan Golani and Yoav Benjamini

  Postdoctoral adviser was Fernando Nottebohm.

  Much of our methods were developed together with Partha Mitra

Former postdocs:

Theirry Lints -- currently at college station

Sebastien Deregnaucourt -- currently at the Max Plank Institute

Former PhD students:

Kristen Maul, currently at Lehman college

Olga Feher, currently at the Riken Institute

Sigal Saar, currently at the Wharton School U.Penn (MBA)

Current collaborations:

Santosh Helekar and Henning Voss on the subject of fMRI imaging

David Rothenberg and Gary Marcus on the subject of birdsong and music

Gary Marcus on the subjects of song syntax development

Lucas Parra on the subject of brain imaging, data analysis, computation and modeling

Teresa Nick on the subject of song plasticity and sensitive period

David Vicario’s laboratoryMark Schmidt Laboratory and Franz Goller laboratory on the subject of cross-level analysis of song development

Other links:

The Golani’s lab studies how movement patterns developed. 

The Yoav Benjamini lab studies statistics and exploratory singal analysis (department of statistics, Tel Aviv University).

Neri Kafkafi studies behavioral genetics.

 Fernando Nottebohm at the Rockefeller University.