Setting the ferry service

Features of ferry services

Setting the ferry services include defining ferry identities and distribution of service speeds as summarized in the ferry menu:


1. Ferry identity:  ferry services be of either static or dynamic identity. In a static identity, the player always use, or choose, the same ferries across all islands. For example Red ferry on the left and Green ferry on the right. In a dynamic identity, ferries have different identities in each island. Identities are  expressed by the name of the ferry, ferry color and ferry shape. Note that setting a dynamic ferry identity makes it difficult or impossible for an individual player to learn which service is better. In such cases, learning may only be possible at the group level, via the rating system. 


2. Ferry speed: note that if min and max speed are different, ferry speed is a uniformly distributed random variable. 

3. Speed assignment: Randomly assigned speed means that, on average, both ferry services are similarly good if ratings are real. Of course, the dashboard ratings can simulate accurate information for the each ride, so as to guide the player to select a faster ferry (see Setting the dashboard).  Otherwise, setting speed assignment will allow you to generate inequality in speed between the two services. Note that setting the range makes this difference more or less difficult for the player to detect.