Setting the dashboard

The dashboard allows players to  cooperate by sharing rating information about ferry services. Ferry ratings can then guide the selection of faster ferries. 

You can either:

1. Use a simulated dashboard. The simulated dashboard provides the player with rating scores that, in fact, reveal the speed of each ferry. 


2. Write a code server side to set a desired cooperation mechanism.

Here we cover the simulated dashboard. 

We provide two types of dashboards: Current ratings and Trends over time


The Current ratings dashboard presents a bar with rating scores ranging from 0-100 for each ferry:


Trends over time dashboards show ratings scores as a trend over time. Here is an example where the Red ferry outperform the green one: 


Next, you can set the time resolution of the trends.

You can also set rules for information quality, which applies both to Current ratings and trends. Clicking on the dashboard options let you choose between accurate dashboard, noisy dashboard and random dashboard.