Game design 2

4. rating device: After a ferry ride, FSG can prompt the player to rate the ferry service based on ferry speed & delay. The two options for a rating device are a clickbar and a slider. A clickbar allows the player to rate the ferry simply by clicking on a bar with a scale ranging from 0 to 100. The second option is a slider, which imposes time cost on the ratings. Such time cost can improve the quality of feedback ratings. For details see this paper.  


5. Dashboard info: in FSG players can share information about ferry services via a dashboard. FSG offers two methods of presentation:  one is simply the aggregated rating score. The second in a trend in rating scores over time. Such trends provide information about recent changes, which can potentially help players adjust their strategy in a more timely manner. For details see [link to current paper]

6. Show ferry dashboard determines how often the player can see rating scores of ferries. Similarly, Request feedback determines how often the player is prompted to rate ferries. Using these features you can design worlds of different nature. For example, you can set one world where people do not cooperate (where both show dashboard and request feedback are set to Never). Or you can design a world where both are set to Always, so that players must cooperate. You can also set a world where the two are out of balance. At a higher level of design you can have worlds where the two are coupled. That is the more subject are rating the ferry, the more information they can see about ferry ratings.